Landlord Representation

St. Louis Landlord Representation Attorney

Representing Landlords in Landlord/Tenant Disputes

At The Law Office of James B. Day, LLC, we work closely with landlords to resolve rental property issues involving their tenants. At our firm, we have experience working on both sides of landlord and tenant issues and are able to use that experience to the benefit of the landlords we represent.

Our St. Louis landlord/tenant disputes attorney, James B. Day, believes in giving our clients the best representation possible in every case. Contact our law firm today, where we serve landlords in St. Louis, West County and the surrounding areas.

Our firm is located between Highway 40 and Highway 270. We offer free initial consultations and off-hour appointments as necessary.

Dedicated to Providing Quality Representation to Landlords

At our firm, lawyer James B. Day can work with landlords of any scale to solve landlord/tenant disputes, lease matters or other legal concerns. These include:

  • Preparing eviction notices so that they are legal and binding
  • Suits for possession, unlawful detainers and other eviction proceedings involving houses, apartments and other residential properties
  • Enforcement of lease terms and conditions, including issues of occupancy and maintenance, noise and pet complaints, and other matters
  • Defense of claims by tenants, including code violations, case of withheld rent and other habitability issues
  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Collection of unpaid rent, late rent, debts and other judgments
  • Enforcement of leases in bankruptcy court, including relief from automatic stay
  • Foreclosure hearings

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Our firm has built a strong reputation working among landlords in Missouri. To find out more information about how our Manchester eviction notice lawyer can help you, contact our firm online or by phone at (314) 786-1218 to set up a free initial consultation.