Bankruptcy Alternatives & Debt Negotiation

St. Louis Avoid Bankruptcy Attorney

Many people will go to great lengths to avoid a bankruptcy. Some will dig themselves even farther into debt, depleting their reserves to avoid going over the brink. At The Law Office of James B. Day, LLC, we offer clients a guidance in avoiding bankruptcy, yet resolving their debt and financial concerns.

Missouri Debt Negotiation Lawyer

In situations where the client does not want to file bankruptcy, if possible, we suggest a process of settling with creditors instead of pursuing bankruptcy. We work on settlements with those creditors who ideally will not obligate the client to pay 100 percent of the debt. Personal circumstances and details of the credit agreement of course play a major role in how the negotiations will go and what we can achieve.

St. Louis Avoid Bankruptcy Lawyer

As in all matters, we provide a very individualized approach to determining what is the appropriate manner in which to proceed. Each situation is different, requiring different measures to be taken. We evaluate each on a case-by-case basis.

To arrange a free consultation, please contact us today at (314) 786-1218. We will guide you through the process of organizing and understanding your specific situation to determine how we will approach it.

Debt settlement and consolidation — We will work with your creditors to negotiate a payment plan or lump-sum payment that would be less than 100 percent. A skilled attorney will be able to negotiate this settlement on your behalf.

Assignment for the benefit of creditors — We may be able to negotiate an out-of-court insolvency for small businesses rather than filing bankruptcy. This route, quicker and less expensive than bankruptcy, may be best for your business or company.

If your income is high enough, we may be able to simply file a Chapter 13 or settle the matter with a lump sum, often coming from a tax refund or other payment.