Bankruptcy Resulting From a Divorce

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When bankruptcy and divorce issues overlap, both suddenly become much more complex and difficult to handle. The strain of both compounds. Whether the stress of the bankruptcy caused the divorce or the financial woes are independent of the split, there are suddenly many more decisions to be made as assets divide.

If you are going through a divorce or have gone through a divorce, and your spouse (former spouse) files for bankruptcy, you may be held responsible for some of the debt. Creditors may begin calling you for payments.

St. Louis Bankruptcy and Divorce Attorney

These are complex situations that often send former couples back to the details of the divorce agreement and negotiations that surround it. If the divorce decree places partial responsibility upon you for certain financial obligations and marital debt, the creditors may have a case for coming after you for payment.

At The Law Office of James B. Day, LLC, we will review all aspects of your financial situation, your spouse's situation and the decree that links you to find inconsistencies. From there, we can determine a path to a best possible scenario.

If you have not filed for divorce yet but are looking to, we will help you evaluate whether you should file for divorce first or for bankruptcy first. The answer to that question, based upon your specific situation, may have huge financial implications.

The sooner you seek the advice of a skilled bankruptcy lawyer, the better. We provide free consultations to discuss your situation. Call us today at (314) 786-1218.