Foreign Judgments

St. Louis Foreign Judgments Attorney

Missouri Attorney Handling Entry of Foreign Judgments

Many legal issues involve the awarding of compensation at the end of a case. However, for individuals who are awarded compensation as a settlement or verdict in a case, it may be difficult to collect this award, especially when you live in a different state than the award was granted. By enlisting the assistance of an experienced Missouri attorney, you can more efficiently obtain the money that has been awarded to you in a foreign state or country.

At The Law Office of James B. Day, LLC, we are skilled at handling issues related to foreign judgments. When Missouri individuals and businesses deal with legal issues in other states, any judgments or verdicts must be properly recorded in Missouri in order to be enforceable. Our firm can help individuals from other states see that the judgment is recorded and the money is provided to them in a timely manner. Contact us today to further discuss foreign judgments.

Attorney James Day has handled countless foreign judgment cases throughout his many years of practice. He is knowledgeable of the process through which the judgment must be recorded and can handle all of the paperwork on your behalf. By allowing Mr. Day and our office to help you, it may be possible for you to get the award or settlement money quicker and with less hassle than you would encounter if trying to navigate the system on your own. The entry of foreign judgments is a complex process and is structured for lawyers to understand instead of laypeople.

Most of the foreign judgment cases that we confidently handle are civil cases, including:

  • Personal injury
  • Business litigation
  • Family law
  • Employment law
  • Estate litigation
  • Intellectual property

Collection and recording of foreign and/or out-of-state judgments can be difficult. Let an experienced lawyer help you obtain the compensation that you have been awarded. To schedule your free initial consultation, contact The Law Office of James B. Day, LLC, today at (314) 786-1218.